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OECD publications can now be purchased directly on OECD iLibrary, allowing for immediate access.

Your purchase includes download options for all content related to the purchased publication such as the full publication, chapters, tables, and translations in all available formats. We partnered with PayPal to offer a convenient shopping experience to a global audience.

Simply sign up for personal registration and select the orange 'BUY THIS BOOK' button from any publication page.

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The OECD iLibrary brings the full range of OECD books, papers, and statistics in  PDF, WEB and XML formats to online users at universities, governments and think tanks all around the world. Consult it to find, use, and cite OECD information. OECD ilibrary is a  subscription service.

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OECD Publishing

OECD Publishing is one of the world’s largest publishers of books in the fields of economics and public affairs. It publishes more than 250 new books, 40 updated statistical databases, and thousands of new statistical tables, working papers, and journal articles each year.

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