26 countries currently participate in the Scheme. International organisations and NGOs also participate as observers in the meetings of the Scheme. 

Participating countries 


   Belgium                Brazil                Bulgaria_small   Bulgaria                   Finland                   France


   Greece    Hungary    Ireland     Israel    Italy


   Luxembourg          Morocco_small   Morocco    Netherlands     New Zealand           Poland

Romania_small   Romania 

Serbia_small   Serbia     Slovak Republic          South Africa             Spain    Sweden
Switzerland_small  Switzerland         




 Contact details of the National Designated Authority in the countries above


How to participate in the activities of the Scheme

The Scheme is open to any member country of the World Trade Organisation or the United Nations or one of its Specialised Agencies. Countries can participate in some or all of the produce concerned.

Countries join the Scheme via a request by their Government to the OECD Secretary-General. Within three years of joining, they must establish an export quality control of the produce in accordance with the guidelines defined by the Scheme. Exporting countries must conform with the standards adopted by the Scheme and importing countries must recognise them as standards which are to be applied to exported fruit and vegetables produced in the country of origin.


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