Understanding the global food system

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At the OECD, our work on agriculture, food and fisheries policies builds on almost 60 years of economic research, and offers analysis and advice to help improve the well-being of people around the world. This section offers a broad overview of the global food system today, including the current state of food, agriculture and fisheries, how governments support the system, the threats and opportunities the sector is facing, and what the future of food and farming might look like.

How we feed the world today

The global food system continues to respond to the needs of a growing and more affluent world population. Learn how we got here.

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What governments are doing

Government policies and interventions play a major role in shaping food and agriculture markets, but policies are not always well aligned to evolving objectives.

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Opportunities and threats to food systems

Resource depletion and climate change pose major challenges to the global food system, but there are opportunities for policy to help address these challenges.

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What is the future of food and farming?

How the global food, agriculture and fisheries system evolves in coming decades will depend on targeted measures to ensure that no one is left behind.

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