About the Corporate Procurement Group


Overview of the goals, structure and business framework of the OECD Corporate Procurement Group (CPG)

The OECD's Corporate Procurement Group is responsible for procuring goods and services for internal clients, from providers and/or suppliers providing the best overall value for the Organisation while ensuring quality, feasibility and respect for our environmental standards (V4M – Value for Money).

The main goals of the Corporate Procurement Group are to:

  • Elaborate and monitor the Purchasing planning
  • Assist prescribers from all OECD Directorates and Programmes to optimise and poolthe needs and to conduct competitive procedures (market consultations and calls for tenders)
  • Provide counsel and support to Directorates on contracts management issues and negotiations
  • Manage the Secretariat of the Procurement Board

The Corporate Procurement Group is committed to a competitive, transparent and impartial procurement process. Its staff may not accept, directly or indirectly, any gratuity, gift, favor, loan or anything of monetary value.

The OECD expects its suppliers and their employees to meet the highest ethical and moral standards in all business relationships.

In addition, we request our suppliers/providers to never put the Organisation or one of its staff members in an ethically unacceptable situation by offering gifts or hospitality of any kind.


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