SMEs and entrepreneurship

We provide data and analysis to develop policies that foster SMEs and entrepreneurship and facilitate sustainable growth, competitiveness and the creation of skilled jobs.

Building strong and inclusive SMEs

We need a fundamental rethinking of SME and entrepreneurship policies to improve business conditions and access to resources. We need a renewed measurement agenda to understand how countries, regions and cities can capitalise on their many diverse small businesses as drivers for inclusive and sustainable growth

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría

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SME Productivity

Fostering productivity in SMEs is central to the goal of increasing economies’ productive potential and reducing inequalities. The OECD helps countries understand drivers and effective policies for SME productivity growth.

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Financing SMEs

Access to appropriate sources of finance is key for SMEs to start-up, develop and grow, but long-standing challenges persist . Governments around the world are stepping up efforts to foster a diversified financial offer for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

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SMEs & Digitalisation

Ensuring the uptake and effective use of digital technologies by SMEs and entrepreneurs is central to unlock fully the potential of the digital revolution and ensure that benefits are shared.

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Entrepreneurship is critical for innovation, job creation and inclusion.

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G20 & SMEs

Across all stages of their life cycle, SMEs require access to appropriate sources of financing for their creation and growth. The OECD is developing research to improve SMEs' access to finance.

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SME Ministerial

Ministers and high-level representatives from 55 OECD Member and Non-Member countries, the European Union, and 12 international organisations and associations gathered in Mexico City to discuss how to enable SMEs to enhance their contributions to productivity and inclusive growth.

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COVID-19 and SMEs


Digital for SMEs


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