Agricultural pesticides and biocides


  • Event: OECD Conference on RNA interference (RNAi) based pesticides

    10-12 April 2019: The OECD Conference on RNAi based pesticides will provide an overview of the current state of the knowledge of RNA interference (RNAi) as it relates to the potential use of this naturally occurring mode of action in agriculture. This will be an efficient route to this information for policy makers, particularly given the large volume of scientific information that is available in the literature. The Conference will provide recommendations for guidance(s) to be developed by the OECD.

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  • Adoption of the Recommendation on Countering the Illegal Trade of Pesticides

    20 February 2019: OECD Council adopted the Recommendation on Countering the Illegal Trade of Pesticides to strengthen cooperation between countries and inspectors and to identify illegal pesticides throughout their lifecycle with a Best Practice Guidance.

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  • Work related to bees/pollinators

    These last years, declines in pollinators have been reported in several regions of the world. Potential factors associated with these declines might include habitat destruction, certain agricultural practices, bee management practices, pathogens, nutrition and pesticides. It is uncertain how much pesticides contribute to pollinator declines. However the OECD develops tools to prevent potential negative effects from pesticide use on insect pollinators.

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OECD’s activities focus on both pesticides (chemical or biological products to protect plants, used in agriculture and related areas) and biocides (a diverse group of products including disinfectants used in homes and hospitals, products to preserve wood, products to prevent fouling on boats and products to control insects, mice or rats in homes and industries).



The objective of the OECD Programme on Pesticides and Sustainable Pest Management is to help governments co-operate in assessing and reducing the risks of agricultural pesticides and sustainably managing pests.



The OECD Biocide Programme aims to attain a harmonised approach in the regulation of biocides and to promote risk reduction.


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