The need to gather scientific data

It is important to enhance understanding on available alternatives and to widen the debate regarding the replacement of certain fluorinated compounds, where possible, by non-fluorinated alternatives and different technologies.

As a number of countries are phasing out long-chain PFASs, alternatives to these chemicals are being sought. Efforts to assess and understand the exposure and associated risk to the environment and human health from many fluorinated alternatives to long-chain PFASs, starting from source identification and quantification, are also needed.

The links below were provided by participants of the OECD/UNEP Global PFC Group. They have not been reviewed or endorsed by the collective group and are provided for information sharing purposes.


  • March 2017*
    PFAS Groupings for the Inventory Multi-tiered Assessment and Prioritisation (IMAP) Framework

  • January 2017
    Guidance on alternatives to PFOS and its related chemicals developed by the POPs Review Committee of the Stockholm Convention and other activities of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions towards PFAS risk reduction

  • December 2016
    Short-chain PFASs – No alternatives to PFASs - Are short-chain PFASs an alternative to long-chain PFASs? A regulatory perspective

  • November 2016
    Industry Case Studies Illustrating a Move to Alternatives

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