Assessment of chemicals


OECD assists countries in developing and harmonising methods for assessing risk to human health and the environment, including methodologies for hazard and exposure assessment.



Hazard Assessment

OECD works with member countries and other stakeholders to cooperatively assess the hazards of industrial chemicals to generate OECD-agreed assessments that are available to the public and that can be used for priority setting, risk assessment and other activities within national or regional programmes.

Exposure Assessment

Risks of chemicals on human health and the environment are assessed by combining the chemical-specific hazard data and the estimation of the extent to which man and other organisms are exposed to chemicals. OECD has been working mainly on environmental exposure assessment for more than 10 years.

User Tools


eChemPortal is an Internet  gateway to information on the properties, hazards & risks of chemicals found in the environment, homes and workplaces, and in everyday products.


QSAR Toolbox

The Toolbox is  a software application to identify and fill (eco)toxicological data gaps for chemicals hazard assessment. Grouping chemicals into chemical categories is crucual to the workflow.


Risk Assessment Toolkit

‌‌This environmental toolkit gives access to practical tools on environmental risk assessment and mgt of chemicals, by linking to relevant OECD products that can be used in each step of the work flow.

International Uniform ChemicaL Information Database (IUCLID) 6

Logo IUCLID 6, IUCLIDIUCLID is a software application designed for regulatory bodies and industry to record, store, maintain and exchange data on chemicals.


Harmonised Templates

The OECD Harmonised Templates are standard data formats for reporting studies done on chemicals to determine their properties or effects on human health and the environment. 


Product Release and Exposure Data Warehouse

OECD Product Release and Exposure Data Warehouse

The Warehouse is a database designed to house existing data on releases of chemicals from, and exposures to, commercial and consumer end products.


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