Coronavirus (Covid-19) update - 15 March 2020

15/03/2020 - Due to the developing coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency, the OECD is implementing the following precautionary measures at its Paris headquarters. These measures are consistent with announcements by the Government of France, the OECD’s host country, on steps being taken to contain the epidemic.


Access Protocols:

  • As of Monday 16 March, the Organisation will move to full telework until further notice. Limited physical presence on-site will ensure that critical functions including medical services, sanitation, security, IT and remote conferencing capabilities remain fully operational. In addition to staff support, the Secretariat will ensure that OECD delegations can remain connected and can rely on these services as required.


Meetings and Events:

  • Meetings and events scheduled at OECD premises for the coming weeks will be postponed, cancelled or held virtually, with a reinforced support service for remote participation. Persons previously scheduled to attend a meeting or event on-site at the OECD should contact their meeting organisers for further information.

As we seek to safeguard public health, the work of the Organisation will continue. The OECD staff expresses its solidarity with all those affected by this emergency, and we thank the OECD community for its cooperation and understanding.

Getting to the OECD

The OECD has two locations.

Please check your invitations.


Please note that the Conference Centres are fully wheelchair-accessible. For further information on accessibility, please write to [email protected]

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