• 9-March-2020


    Aid at a glance charts

    These ready-made tables and charts provide for snapshot of aid (Official Development Assistance) for all DAC Members as well as recipient countries and territories. Summary reports by regions (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania) and the world are also available.

    Related Documents
  • 16-December-2009

    English, , 1,330kb

    ADB Support for Public Sector Reforms in the Pacific: Enhance Results through Ownership, Capacity and Continuity

    This special evaluation study assesses the effectiveness of Asian Development Bank support for public sector reforms in Pacific developing member countries.

  • 6-July-2009


    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009 - Tonga

    The Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum report presents the results of the second monitoring exercise of the Aid for Trade Initiative and documents its success so far.

  • 1-September-2004

    English, , 875kb

    Capacity Building in Public Finance: An evaluation of activities in the South Pacific

    This AusAID Evaluation had two objectives. Firstly, it was to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of financial management capacity building activities in Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu. Secondly, it was to identify effective methods to build capacity in the public finance sector in countries of the South Pacific. The Evaluation was to take into account both the recent shift in Australia’s aid policy

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