The Health Working Group focuses on philanthropy’s contribution to strengthening health system in developing countries. Chaired by the Novartis Foundation and the World Diabetes Foundation, the group aims to:

  • Explore cutting-edge evidence, best practices, and potential new partnerships  to expand access to quality health services. Covered topics range from digital health and artificial intelligence, to innovative finance, and health workforce development.
  • Connect foundations with governments to discuss health policy priorities, and opportunities to collaborate
  • Provide a platform where foundations can share co-funding opportunities and build new coalitions


The next meeting of the Health working group will take place on 20 May 2020.
Meetings are closed-door and by-invitation only. For further information on the Health Working Group, please contact Laura Abadia


Further reading

2019 netFWD Policy Note: Health and Philanthropy: Harnessing Novel Approaches for Improved Access to Quality Healthcare

This policy note analyses foundations’ support for health and reproductive health in developing countries, and further explores how foundations are innovating in the way they partner, fund and implement health programmes on the ground. It builds on the results of the OECD Survey on Private Philanthropy for Development, unpacking giving data from 2013-15 and 2017. It also gathers a selection of case studies to delve into the potential advantages and challenges of two novel approaches: innovative finance and digital health.


Peer review of Better Hearts Better Cities by Novartis Foundation
Global Survey on Private Philanthropy for Development


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