The OECD is setting up a Centre on Philanthropy to contribute to the global demand for more and better data and analysis on global philanthropy for development. It will focus on two main work streams:

  1. Collection and analysis of comparable data on philanthropy. In 2016-2017, the OECD undertook an unprecedented survey of global philanthropy to complement existing data on financing for development. Over 140 foundations worldwide provided quantitative and qualitative data. This effort applies the OECD statistical methodology and will therefore allow comparing the volume of philanthropic flows with those of official development assistance (ODA) or foreign direct investment (FDI), among others. The Centre will seek to expand its database by reaching out to more philanthropic organisations across regions as well as to High Net Worth Individuals.
  2. Research and analysis on global trends and impact of philanthropy for development. The OECD Centre on Philanthropy will provide state-of the art analysis on global philanthropy in the context of the 2030 Agenda. It will provide stakeholders with access to key resources including definitions, latest research and impact measurement, by bringing together relevant efforts from existing research centres and projects that would benefit from further dialogue and cross fertilisation. The Centre will also look into initiatives which impact has been measured to see ‘what works’, to provide guidance on what sectors and interventions bear the most promise in the philanthropic sector. This should allow foundations to better focus their efforts and optimise their value added.
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