India's Private Giving: Unpacking Domestic Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility


India is the largest recipient of financing from international foundations (OECD, 2018), yet little is known about domestic philanthropy. The OECD has compiled information from some of the largest organisations in India to start charting how these resources are advancing the country's development agenda.

The report describes the results from a survey of 50 organisations, showing how domestic philanthropy surpasses international philanthropy in scope and scale, and how it allocates it’s resources in different areas and geographies in India, drawing comparisons with other key sources of finance like Official Development Assistance and public social spending. This information will enable foundations and companies alike to align their work better, in order to achieve a higher impact by scaling-up their programs and grants through networks of partnerships.

The report and latest data on philanthropy and CSR in India are both freely available.

A PDF of the report is available here to download.

Download dataset (.xls) available here.


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