Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Call for initiatives and policies for social enterprises


Compendium on Social Entrepreneurship Policies

Deadline for abstract submission October 30th 2015



The OECD and the European Commission launched an inclusive and social entrepreneurship project that intends to shed light on social enterprise creation and development in EU Member States and regions. As part of this project, a compendium showcasing successful national and subnational initiatives and policies that support social enterprises were prepared. This compendium intended to inspire Member States and regions and to offer guidance on the implementation of relevant initiatives and policies in the national, regional or local context.


Aim of the compendium of initiatives and policies for social enterprises


We were looking for national and sub-national policies and initiatives for social enterprise creation and development. The focus were placed on initiatives funded by the European Social Fund, by other EU funds and programmes, by Member States and sub-national authorities and NOT on examples of successful social enterprises. The compendium will analyse and present these initiatives and policies together with key factors and considerations for their adoption in other contexts. The compendium will include 20 examples and is expected to be published as a book.

For the sake of this compendium we refer to social enterprises as defined by the EC Social Business Initiative (see in particular pages 2 and 3)


Call for initiatives and policies


In order to identify the policies and initiatives that will be included in the compendium, we needed to receive a one page abstract in English (maximum 500 words). The abstract had to be sent by October 30th cob to Antonella Noya, Senior Policy Analyst and Stellina Galitopoulou, Policy Analyst. A notification were sent to the selected initiatives during the month of November.

Contents of the one page abstract

The abstract should clearly indicate:

  • The name of the initiative  and the country in which it has been developed
  • Its focus, objectives, and the problems that the initiative aims to address
  • The policy approach used (eg. integrated support package, training, provision of finance, etc.)
  • The activities undertaken and the challenges encountered
  • The conditions for transfer

Please specifically indicate whether the scheme received funding from the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund or other EU fund or programmes and provided information on the amount received.

Kindly indicate a contact person for the learning practice and suggest an expert who could prepare a note of 8 pages (in English) should the learning practice be selected for inclusion in the compendium. The OECD Secretariat will prepare a contract for the expert for the preparation of the note, and will provide more detailed instructions and a grid to be used for drafting the note. The expert contribution will be remunerated.



For further information, please contact Antonella Noya, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD/LEED Programme and Risto Raivio, Senior Expert, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion ([email protected]). 


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