Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Conference on engaging employers in building better local jobs and creating a more responsive skills system


 2 November 2017 London, United Kingdom

Event Overview

This conference organised jointly by the OECD, Warwick University, the Work Foundation, and the Centre for Cities brought together stakeholders from national government departments, cities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) as well as business, NGOs and research institutions to discuss the key challenges facing the United Kingdom in building more and better quality jobs.

During the event, the OECD launched a new report on Better Use of Skills in the Workplace: Why It Matters for Productivity and Local Jobs.


The conference focused on discussing the key challenges and opportunities from Brexit and sharing local solutions as well as international lessons from OECD countries on how effective skills policies can foster productivity and inclusive growth.

Key Contents

  • Opportunities and challenges emerging from the new economic context after Brexit - opportunities for local leadership.
  • Creating high performance and productive workplaces – what works in practice?
  • Building an effective and responsive skills system.
  • Escaping low-wage work: how to improve the quality of jobs and build productive employment opportunities.

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There was no participation fee. Travel, accommodation costs and visa fees were covered by participants themselves.



The Shard - London, UK


[email protected]



 Warwick University  ‌Work Foundation  ‌Centre for Cities ‌‌



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