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Inclusive Entrepreneurship Policy


Inclusive entrepreneurship policies aim to offer all people an equal opportunity to create a sustainable business, regardless of their background, age or gender. 



The Missing Entrepreneurs 2019

Policy brief on recent developments in Youth entrepreneurship

Policy brief on refugee entrepreneurship

Policy brief on home-based entrepreneurship

Policy brief on women’s entrepreneurship


What is Inclusive Entrepreneurship?

It is entrepreneurship that contributes to social inclusion to give all people an equal opportunity to start up and operate businesses...

What are governments doing?

Today nearly 26 million people in the European Union are unemployed and actively seeking work. One of the responses to moving people back into work is through business creation and self-employment, which is a key outcome sought from inclusive entrepreneurship policies...

Is the gender gap in entrepreneurship closing?

Policy needs to do more to cultivate women’s entrepreneurial aspirations, address market failures in the areas of skills and finance, and improve access to networks and support for growth-oriented entrepreneurs...

What is the potential for youth entrepreneurship?

Most countries and regions use various youth entrepreneurship policies and programmes to encourage and support youth in business creation. The approaches include entrepreneurship education, training, coaching and mentoring, business incubators, and start-up financing...



  • Access to finance
  • Business counselling
  • Business development services
  • Business incubators and accelerators
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Evaluation
  • Home-based entrepreneurship
  • Informal entrepreneurship
  • Immigrant entrepreneurship
  • Microfinance
  • Networks for entrepreneurship
  • People that experience disability
  • Refugee entrepreneurship
  • Regulations and institutions
  • Role models
  • Senior entrepreneurship
  • Unemployment to self-employment pathway
  • Women's entrepreneurship
  • Youth entrepreneurship


what can the oecd offer?

We examine national and regional entrepreneurship policies and programmes to assess the extent to which they effectively support groups such as women, youth, immigrants and the unemployed in entrepreneurship and self-employment. OECD policy reviews and workshops can support the development of national or regional strategies and action plans that make entrepreneurship more inclusive.


see our work

Read the Missing Entrepreneurs

This series presents data, policy analysis, good practice policy examples and policy advice on designing and implementing inclusive entrepreneurship policies and programmes. View the reports here...

Read our policy briefs & compendium reports

We regularly publish short policy notes on a wide range of topics related to inclusive entrepreneurship. These explain the issue, discuss the policy implications and offer policy lessons. View the reports here...

Read country assessment notes & policy review reports

We regularly examine policies and programmes at the national, regional and local levels and offer policy advice. View country-specific reports here...


Work with the Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool 

The OECD and the European Union created this tool to support policy makers in designing and delivering entrepreneurship policies for women, youth, migrants and the unemployed. Use tool here...


For further information, please contact?Jonathan Potter,?David Halabisky and Cynthia Lavison.


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