Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Report: Delivering local development - New growth and investment strategies



Pages: 183

Languages: English

Publication Date:  March 2013


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The OECD LEED Delivering Local Development work stream examines the local and regional framework conditions and instruments for intervention to achieve successful local economic development in participating countries and localities. It covers strategic themes encompassing finance and investment, building the knowledge base, delivery vehicles and economic strategies (including the local development impacts from global events).

The work also identifies institutional capacities, intelligence, leadership interventions and development instruments which come together in the design and delivery of local development strategies. Detailed recommendations are aligned to the needs of national governments and localities and will cover established LEED thematic areas: delivery vehicles – agencies, companies and partnerships; financing local development; economic strategies; economic development catalysts; leadership and local development systems.


Table of contents

Part I: Delivering Local Development: New Growth and Investment Strategies

·         Introduction: New growth and investment strategies

·         The 12 cities: Profiles and comparative data

·         New growth strategies: What is new in the growth and jobs strategies of the citie

·         New investment

·         New leadership approaches and better local development systems

·         Summary and recommendations

·         References


Part II Case studies

·         Territorial Data Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

·         Barcelona

·         Boston

·         Brisbane

·         Cape Town

·         Hamburg

·         Lyon

·         Manchester

·         Nanjing

·         Oslo

·         Shenzen

·         Zurich






For more information please contact Debra Mountford at the OECD Secretariat.



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