OECD Employment and Labour Ministerial Statement - Building more resilient and inclusive labour markets


15/01/2016 - OECD Employment and Labour Ministers meeting in Paris have underlined their commitment to boosting employment, particularly for young people and the long-term unemployed, tackling labour market inequalities and helping people with mental health issues find and stay in work. Ministers from the 34 OECD countries and counterparts from Colombia, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Peru met under the chairmanship of Ms. Joan Burton, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Social Protection of Ireland.


During the meeting, Ministers endorsed new OECD Recommendations to promote longer working lives and to address the impact of mental health problems on health, education, employment and social outcomes.


The full Ministerial statement is available at:


More information on the OECD Employment and Labour Ministerial Meeting and Policy Forum on the Future of Work is available at


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