Greening transport


  • Event: ITF Day @ OECD 2019

    27 June 2019 (OECD Paris) - Find out more on how policies for a sustainable and inclusive world are linked with transport.

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  • Event: 2019 International Transport Summit

    22-24 May 2019 (Leipzig, Germany) - The Summit on the theme "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" explored how better transport connectivity can help integrate regions - from local communities and cities to global regions - and enable the achievement of economic, social, and environmental goals.

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  • Project: Decarbonising Transport in Europe

    The project aims to help the European Union to achieve its CO2 reduction ambitions for the transport sector; and will provide European policy makers with better quantitative evidence on the actual impact of CO2 mitigation measures.

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VIDEO: Urban Mobility System Upgrade

The "Urban Mobility System Upgrade: How self-driving cars could change city traffic" project has been carried out with the Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum.


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