Biodiversity, water and natural resource management


OECD work on biodiversity, water and natural resources management focuses on policy analysis to help ensure more environmentally effective, cost-efficient and equitable outcomes.

Key areas of work



When: Thursday 9 May - Missed the webinar? Watch the video recording

Subject: The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: Enhancing measurability to track progress at global and national level

Human pressures are undermining the biodiversity that underpins all life on land and below water. Ecosystem services delivered by biodiversity, such as crop pollination, water purification, flood protection and carbon sequestration, are vital to human well-being. Despite these benefits, global biodiversity is on the decline.

The post-2020 global biodiversity framework, to be agreed upon at CBD COP15 in Kunming, China in 2020, presents a crucial opportunity to put in place more specific and measurable targets and to catalyse action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

Katia Karousakis of the Environment Directorate discussed on-going OECD work on post-2020 targets, indicators and the measurability implications at global and national level, including key messages from a recent OECD international expert workshop.





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