What is the OECD Forum?

The OECD Forum was created in 2000 to discuss the key economic and social challenges on the international agenda.

It is an important part of the annual OECD Week that also features the OECD main Ministerial meeting.

This 2-day public engagement event gathers high-level government representatives, CEOs, leaders from civil society and trade unions as well as prominent members of academia and media.

Why attend?

This event is an opportunity for you to engage with policy-shapers and influencers from across all sectors of society and:

  • network, exchange experiences, discuss initiatives and create solutions

  • contribute your knowledge and expertise to critical thinking on global policy trends

  • demonstrate your leadership, commitment and elevate your profile

Voices of the Forum: Shaping the debate

Become our partner

  • Connect, reflect and exchange on key issues of the international agenda

  • Bring your perspectives & contributions to the discussion 

  • Benefit from exposure to different audiences and global media coverage 


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