OECD Archives


 The OECD Library and Archives offers information, reference, and research services to both individual and institutional users.

The collection

The OECD Library & Archives collection dates from 1947. It includes records from the Committee for European Economic Co-operation (CEEC) and the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC), predecessors of today's OECD.

The collection contains items which document the Organisation's work including agendas and minutes of Council and committee meetings, background documents, technical and working papers, publications, press information, and Secretary-Generals’ speeches.

Consulting the collection

External researchers and postgraduate students are welcome to consult OECD publications and archival material, on the OECD premises by appointment.

To plan your visit to the OECD, please complete the online request form and submit it to library&[email protected].

A professional information specialist will be available to assist you.

Unclassified documents and those that have been declassified from 1990 onwards are available online at Official Unclassified OECD Documents.


Logistical information

The Library & Archives offices are located at OECD Headquarters and are open from 9.00 to 17.45, Monday to Friday. For location details, please see Getting to the OECD.

Please note that place reservations for consultations at the OECD Research Centre will only be possible from 3 September 2018 onwards. We would be happy to welcome you after this date. Don’t hesitate to send us the reservation form to enquire for reservations after September 3rd.


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