Directorate for Public Governance



Government at a Glance: Latin America & the Caribbean 2020

This third edition provides the latest available evidence on public administrations and their performance in the LAC region and compares it to OECD countries.

Governance indicators are especially useful for monitoring and benchmarking governments' progress in their public sector reforms.


Each indicator in the publication is presented in a user-friendly format, consisting of graphs and charts illustrating variations across countries and over time, including descriptive analyses highlighting the major findings.




Access to Justice

Behavioural Insights


Budgetary Governance - Principles

Centres of Government

Digital Government Strategies


Financing Democracy

Governance of Critical Risks

Government at a Glance

Illicit Trade


Inclusive Growth 

Infrastructure Governance 


Managing Ethics in the Public Service

Public Governance Ministerial Meetings

Open Government 

Open Government Data

Public Employment

Public Investment

Public Private Partnerships

Public Procurement


Public Sector Innovation - OPSI

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Regulatory Policy and Governance

Regulatory Policy by Country 

Risk Communication

Schools of Government

Social Media & Government

Trust in Government

Whistleblower Protection

Women in Government

Youth Engagement



Big data, big responsibilities

Are You Open to Open Data?

Is there still time to save our trust in government?

For whom the budget cut tolls: downsizing the public sector

Illicit Trade’s Deadly Margins

Shedding light on government, one dataset at a time


Paris faces yet another major flood

Green budgeting to improve the planet's bottom line

Women in the Judiciary

Urban Green Growth

Take the money and run: uses & abuses of political funding

Regulators – the new Men in Black?


The real trade routes of fake goods

Want to catch a counterfeiter? Check your filter

Irrational me… Behavioural Economics hits its stride 

A tale of two cities?

Are Fiscal Watchdogs Fiscal Rescue Dogs?

The time-travelling policy maker


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