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The OECD Workshop on Digital Government Indicators held by the Secretariat brought together government delegates and international organisations’ representatives to discuss the OECD methodological approach to the development of new digital government indicators and explore possibilities for data collection to improve availability and quality of indicators. The main purpose of the development of new digital government indicators is to measure countries’ progress in implementing the OECD Recommendation on Digital Government Strategies. The progressive development of indicators will prioritise principles based on the desirability and feasibility of data collection for each of the principles, was discussed and taken at the meeting.

Based on country inputs prior to, during and following the meeting and the discussion between participants, the OECD will propose a final selection of principles for indicator development and form a working group of selected countries who will be closely involved in the elaboration of the indicators. The outcome of the discussion will be reported to the Working Party of Senior Digital Government Indicators that will meet on Tallinn on September 22 and 23, 2016 and the official decision reported to the group of experts that participated in the meeting and that will be engaged with the Secretariat in development of new indicators. 

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