Regional development

We work to enhance well-being and living standards in all region types and improve their contribution to national performance and more inclusive and resilient societies.

Multi-Level Governance

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Geography matters for well?being

While gaps between regions have narrowed in education levels and access to services over the last decade, they have increased in income, air pollution and safety.

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Countries need competitive dynamic regions to achieve their economic, social and environmental objectives. Regional development policies complement national macroeconomic and structural policies.      More on Regional Development Policy... 

OECD work on the themes below contributes to the overall goal of reducing regional disparities and helping lagging regions to catch up. The OECD Regional Outlook 2016 examines the widening productivity gap across regions within countries, and the implications of these trends for the well-being of people living in different places. 


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Regional Development

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Rural Development

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Urban Development

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Regional Statistics

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Water Governance

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