Emerging technologies

Knowledge Networks and Markets in the Life Sciences




Pages: 128
Published: May 2012
ISBN 978-92-64-11937-6




This book introduces the concept of knowledge networks and markets (KNMs) in the life sciences, the emerging organisations and mechanisms to share and trade an increasing variety of knowledge assets. The creation of such exchange mechanisms are an important new trend in the life sciences, particularly in the health sector, with potentially profound influence on the innovation process. The book discusses the technological, economic and industrial environment that has led to the rise of KNMs, in particular advances in computer science and knowledge valuation. There are also early policy lessons about the role of governments in the creation and maintenance of KNMs.    

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The rise of knowledge networks and markets as enablers of open innovation
Chapter 2. Knowledge flows
Chapter 3. Advantages of knowledge networks and markets
Chapter 4. Theories for building knowledge networks and markets
Chapter 5. Case Studies of knowledge networks and markets
Chapter 6. The importance of knowledge valuation for knowledge networks and markets
Chapter 7. Conclusions and research needs in knowledge networks and markets

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