2017 OECD Global Forum on International Investment


Addressing the challenges of globalisation: Towards a society-centred investment policy agenda

6 March 2017 9h30-18h00 OECD, Paris

The 2017 Global Forum contributed to the broader policy debate about how to address globalisation failures from an international investment perspective.

Debates addressed options for reforming the international investment policy regime across three dimensions:

  • Openness: Has investment liberalisation gone too far? Or have murky forms of protectionism and uneven playing fields been undermining the benefits of globalisation?
  • Responsibility: Have international investors been contributing enough to improving living standards in the countries in which they operate? Or have they, as some critics of globalisation contend, been driving a race to the bottom?
  • Inclusiveness: Have governments been doing enough to compensate those whose lives have been disrupted by globalisation? Or have the levels of social disruption from globalisation reached such levels that they exceed the ability of governments to play a compensating role? Are they undertaking the structural reforms needed to support a more inclusive globalisation?

The global forum was held back-to-back with the annual OECD Conference on investment treaties taking place on 7 March 2017.


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Background Notes

Cross-border M&A on the rise

Is investment protectionism on the rise?

Identifying and measuring the sustainability of FDI

Promoting Responsible Business Conduct

The OECD Code of liberalisation of capital movements


Policy framework for investment

Key issues on international investment agreements


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