The Directorate for Legal Affairs


Provides advice and information on the legal, institutional and procedural aspects of the Organisation's activities, including the negotiation, interpretation and application of the legal instruments of the Organisation;

Ensures that the privileges, immunities, and legal status of the Organisation are respected, and handles any litigation involving the Organisation;

Assists in the formulation, amendment and implementation of internal rules and regulations, including the Rules of Procedure, the Staff Regulations and the Financial Regulations;

Provides legal assistance relating to procurement and specific financial contributions;

Advises on relations with non-Members and other international organisations, and serves as the coordinator of the process for accession to the Organisation.

Josée Fecteau is the Director for Legal Affairs ad interim.


The Compendium of OECD Legal Instruments provides the text of all the legal instruments adopted in the framework of the OECD, as well as related information including the list of OECD Members and non-OECD Members having adhered to them.

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