Become a Forum Partner

The Forum is the ideal opportunity for any institution involved in local economic and employment development to enhance its profile and showcase new approaches, services and initiatives to a high-level global audience.

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For more information, please contact Jonathan Barr and Alessandro Kandiah.

Meet the Forum Board

  • Denis Leamy, Chairman of the Forum and Chief Executive of Pobal, Ireland
  • Rainer Aster, Managing Director, gsub mbH - Social Business Consultancy Corporation, Germany
  • Randall Eberts, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, US
  • Tor Hatlevoll, Senior Advisor, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Sweden
  • Sally Sinclair, CEO of the National Employment Services Association, Australia
  • Louis Vervloet, Director of ESF Unit, Flemish Ministry of Employment, Belgium
  • John Buck, President and Chief Executive Officer, CEDEC

Our Partners

The work of the Forum is supported by the above Forum Partners

Contact: [email protected] | Follow us on Twitter: @OECD_local #OECDlocal 

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