MCM 2018 Documents

  • Strategic Orientations of the Secretary-General
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)1

  • Key Issues Paper
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)2

  • Framework on Policy Action for Inclusive Growth
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)5

  • Going Digital in a Multilateral World - An interim report to ministers
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)6

  • Good Jobs for All in a Changing World of Work: The OECD Jobs Strategy
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)7

  • The OECD’s Global Relations: Meeting the Strategic Challenges
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)8

  • The OECD’s Mutual Engagement with Africa: Progress and Next Steps
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)9

  • Accession of Costa Rica (Progress Report)
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)10

  • Progress Report on Standard-Setting Review
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)11

  • Implementing the Paris Agreement: Remaining Challenges and the Role of the OECD
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)12

    These documents are available as soon as they are declassified.


  • Draft Recommendation of the Council on the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)13

  • Draft Recommendation of the Council on Global Events and Local Development
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)14

  • Draft Council Recommendation of the Council on Sustainable Lending Practices & Officially Supported Exports Credit
    For reference: C/MIN(2018)15

MCM Background Documents

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