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  • Public sector debt statistics: guide for compilers and users, 2011

    The focus of this Guide is on improving the quality and timeliness of these key debt statistics and promoting a convergence of recording practices. This Guide has been compiled by the Interagency Task Force on Finance Statistics members and is a useful source of reference for national compilers and users.

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Household income growth continues to outpace GDP growth in third quarter of 2019

Real household income per capita and real GDP per capita
Percentage change on the previous quarter, s.a.


06/02/2020 - Growth in real Household income per capita provides a better picture of changes in households’ economic well-being than real GDP growth per capita, which it outpaced for the fourth straight quarter in the third quarter of 2019. Growth in real household income per capita in the OECD area increased slightly to 0.5%, while GDP growth per capita was stable at 0.3%.



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