Prices and purchasing power parities (PPP)

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  • Inflation or Consumer price Index (CPI)?

    Inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services that households acquire for the purpose of consumption in an economy over a period of time.

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  • What are PPPs?

    PPPs are the rates of currency conversion that equalize the purchasing power of different currencies by eliminating the differences in price levels between countries. In their simplest form, PPPs are simply price relatives that show the ratio of the prices in national currencies of the same good or service in different countries.

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  • Methodological Guide for Developing Producer Price Indices for Services (SPPI)

    This second edition of the SPPI Guide is a complement to the International Producer Price Index Manual published by the IMF in 2004 in two ways: it focuses on service-specific aspects in the PPI compilation by developing further the conceptual framework and it adds detailed descriptions of PPI measurement for a wide range of individual service industries.

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Energy prices cause sharpest slowdown in OECD annual inflation since the financial crisis

OECD Consumer prices
March 2020, percentage change on the same period of the previous year

Energy prices cause sharpest slowdown in OECD annual inflation since the financial crisis

05/05/2020 - Annual inflation in the OECD area slowed significantly to 1.7% in March 2020, compared with 2.3% in February, the largest deceleration since the financial crisis, as energy prices fell by (minus) 3.6% in March following a rise of 2.3% in February. Food price inflation, on the other hand, increased to 2.4% in March, from 2.0% in February. Excluding food and energy, OECD inflation was broadly stable at 2.1% in March, compared with 2.2% in February.


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