Of the world’s 7.6 billion people, more than 4 billion are at a disadvantage in terms of health, education or economic opportunities only because they are young, a woman or both. This is everyone’s loss: the economic, social and legal obstacles hindering their well-being also limit their contribution to making the world a better place for all. The international community has a roadmap to empower women and youth, enshrined in Agenda 2030. But progress has been slow.

The 2018 Global Forum on Development took stock of the progress to date, and debate how policies can keep the promise of unleashing the power of women and youth as critical agents of change.

During the Forum, high-level representatives from governments, businesses, foundations and international organisations, met and shared ideas on concrete ways to achieve greater prosperity for all. We specifically discussed solutions to the challenges of including youth in development processes, creating decent jobs for rural youth, recognising and reducing women’s unpaid care and domestic work, and understanding the links between gender inequality and conflict/fragile contexts. 

Read the speech given by the OECD Secretary General, Angel Gurría 

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The Global Forum on Development united high-level representatives from governments, businesses, foundations, international organisations and many more.


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Media Kit

Read, download and engage with the Forum: consult the agenda, watch videos, read the policy notes, and more.

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