SWAW participants

The first Sahel and West Africa Week brought together some 200 participants across West Africa and from OECD member countries. Prime Minister Beyon Luc Adolphe Tiao personally welcomed participants on 6 December at the Launching Ceremony of the Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative – Sahel and West Africa (AGIR) within the framework of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) meeting. In a Joint Statement outlining the objectives, principles and priorities of the Alliance, stakeholders fixed themselves the objective “Zero Hunger” within the next 20 years. This year's RPCA meeting placed a special focus on water management and made as usual recommendations for decision-makers based on a consensual analysis of the current food and nutrition situation. At the SWAC Forum on 7 December, participants debated key findings of the West African Futures programme on "Settlement, Market and Food Security" and discussed policy options with policy-makers and food security practitioners. The statutory meetings of the Committee of CILSS Partners (CPC) and the SWAC Strategy and Policy Group (SPG) provided guidance for future work orientations of CILSS and SWAC.

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SWAW cover 200 Premier Ministre Tiao et M. De Donnea,Président du Club‌ 


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