This Starter Pack introduces the Schooling for Tomorrow Project through a selection of essential experiences and lessons. It illustrates both the approach to scenario development and the elements that have proven effective in developing Futures Thinking initiatives for education.

To serve the needs of all stakeholders in education, this Starter Pack is designed for flexibility. The topics unfold sheet by sheet, so they can be used progressively or selectively according to the purpose. The sheets can support work in various settings: providing an action brief on using Futures Thinking; informing a workshop on scenario development; or helping a group use Schooling for Tomorrow insights to enhance its design process.


The Starter Pack allows users to enhance and enrich it with, for instance, country-specific material on education policy, school development plans, and project documents. It contains:

  • Introduction – Getting started provides briefs on futures thinking, the Schooling for Tomorrow approach and rationale.
  • Trends – What is shaping the future of schooling? provides briefs on broad social, economic and technological trends and suggest their possible influences on education and schooling.
  • Scenarios – What might schooling look like in the future? provides six scenarios as examples for future schooling, ranging from bureaucratic systems to system meltdown.
  • Methodologies – How to go about it? Provides briefs on how to use Schooling for Tomorrow trends and scenarios and what to gain from them and introduces additional methods in futures thinking.
  • Experiences – Futures Thinking in Action provides briefs on country-based initiatives and lessons learned so far concerning how they got started, their process and benefits.


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