In today's rapidly changing, increasingly interdependent world, productive debate and decisions require comprehensive, trustworthy and comprehensible information.  And while there are numerous national efforts to develop and sustain both specialised and comprehensive indicator systems, there exists no co-ordinated world-wide effort to study the development and implications of these large-scale systems of public information for developed countries.

It is for this reason that the OECD, as one of the world’s leaders in the area of developing indicators for policy-making, organised this World Forum. The purpose was to promote research- and information-sharing among countries, allowing them to compare strategies intended to measure and assess the overall “position” and “progress” of a certain political entity (country, region, etc.) vis-à-vis other similar entities.  The Forum was policy-oriented, rather than technical in nature, as indicator systems are about establishing an agreed set of figures for everyone to use to assess the position and progress of their country.

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