PIAAC Log Files

The Log Files from the PIAAC study contain a record of the interactions between respondents and the PIAAC computer testing application during the course of the PIAAC assessment.  Respondents’ actions within the tool were recorded and stored with time stamps.  The PIAAC log file data is of potential relevance to researchers and others interested in better understanding a range of issues relating to test-taking behaviour and the strategies and processes followed by respondents in responding to test items.

Public use files containing log data from the PIAAC cognitive assessments can be downloaded from the GESIS Data Catalogue.  The files have been anonymised – i.e. all information that could potentially identify and individual respondents has been removed.  Otherwise, the files contain the complete log data for individual respondents.  Individual records can be matched with corresponding background and cognitive response data available in the PIAAC PUFs using the SEQID variable.
PIAAC log file data is available for 17 countries that participated in the first round of the PIAAC study (PIAAC 2012).


Countries for which log-file data are available: 

Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovak Republic, Spain, United Kingdom (England and Northern Ireland), United States.


The PIAAC log files are made available in their raw .xml format. Full documentation of the contents of the files is also available as is a customised analysis tool, the PIAAC LogDataAnalyzer. 


What is the LogDataAnalyzer?

The PIAAC LogDataAnalyzer is a tool that facilitates analysis of the log data by undertaking tasks such as data extraction, data cleaning, and visualisation of the log data files.

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How to access

How can I access the PIAAC Log File Data, the LogDataAnalyzer and the PIAAC Log File documentation?

  • The PIAAC Log File Data can be accessed through this page in the GESIS Data Catalogue.
  • The PIAAC Log File Documentation
    • The documentation regarding released items is available for all users
    • To access the full PIAAC Log File documentation you will need to send a completed application form including a signed confidentiality agreement to the contact officer at the OECD.  If successful, you will be provided with a username and password that will allow you to access the full documentation online.
  • The LogDataAnalyzer tool can be downloaded here


As the full documentation contains information regarding non-released items, individuals who wish to access the documentation must apply to the OECD and sign a confidentiality agreement before being granted access.  Documentation that relates only to released items can be accessed here. 

In addition to documentation of the content of the PIAAC log-files, information concerning the methodology, design and implementation of PIAAC can be found in the Technical Report on the study and the Survey of Adult Skills: Reader’s Companion.

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