Emerging technologies


The Working Party on Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies (BNCT) is focused on policy issues in emerging technology fields related to bio, nano and converging technologies. It aims to contribute original policy analysis and messages to the global community, to convene key stakeholders in the field, and to make ground-breaking proposals to policy makers. Themes include:

  • The bioeconomy and sustainability solutions: Realising the promise of converging technologies to enable the bioeconomy, the circular economy, and the transition to better patterns of resource use.
  • Health innovation: Advancing the discoveries, translation and commercial development of new therapies and solutions to promote human health and well-being, e.g. in brain disorders and personalised medicine. 
  • Good governance of technology: Developing norms on responsible innovation, supporting stronger engagements of science and society, enhancing the benefits and minimizing the risks of technology.
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