Digital economy


  • Trust

    The OECD focuses on the development of better policies to ensure that security and privacy foster economic and social prosperity in an open and interconnected digital world.

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  • Principles on artificial intelligence

    Adopted in May 2019 by over 40 countries, these principles are the first international standards agreed by governments for the responsible stewardship of trustworthy AI.

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  • Internet policy and governance

    The OECD analyses the critical interplay between the Internet, innovation, economic development and social well-being in order to help governments develop policies to make the digital transformation work for the benefit of all.

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Going Digital

Going digital: Making the transformation work for growth and well-being

The Going Digital project aims to help policymakers in all relevant policy areas better understand the digital revolution that is taking place across different sectors of the economy and society as a whole.

Key reports

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