The Africa Initiative: Unlocking the potential of tax transparency to support African countries' resource mobilisation and their fight against illicit financial flows

Africa Initiative report 2018Recognising the special circumstances of African countries, which suffer the greatest loss from Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs), the Global Forum, in 2014, together with a number of its African members launched a specific programme – the Africa Initiative – aimed at helping unlock the potential for tax transparency and exchange of information in Africa.

The aim of the Africa Initiative is to support the achievement by African countries of the Sustainable Development Goals of domestic resource mobilisation (DRM) and enhance their ability to fight against IFFs. This is achieved by encouraging engagement and participation in international tax cooperation and by exploiting the tremendous improvements in global tax transparency and exchange of tax information, which have occurred in the last few years.

At the 5th meeting of the Africa Initiative framework held in Accra, Ghana, on 25-26 July 2018, the members of the Africa Initiative agreed to reflect progress achieved in improving tax transparency in Africa (including progress in meeting individual country targets and commitments) in an annual report of the Africa Initiative.

» Africa Initiative Progress Report 2018 | version française

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